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Saturn Retrograde Ends

Off the heels of the Harvest Full Moon, comes to a close Saturn Retrograde. For the past 5 months, we have been experienced overpowering and sometime unbearable emotions. You may have been feeling the rollercoaster of emotions flooding your senses- the wave of euphoria, followed by sadness, petulant and ill-tempered, exhausted and overwhelmed. This time is finally coming to a conclusion.

I hope that you have used this time in retrograde to reflect to evaluate your decisions and goal using lesson from past blunders. Delving into our past in order to plan for the future can be difficult but a great catalyst towards transformation.

Now that we see clearly, we can place our energy in area of our life to avoid repeating mistakes from the past. Purge and let go. Find true purpose with warmth and enthusiasm.

The karmic slate has been cleansed.

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