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All About Me

At Moon Heart Apothecary, I use my own herbs and essential oils to promote health and wellness. As a Lipan Apache woman and 10th generation Texan, I look to my ancestors – mother, grandmothers, and wise women to remind me that everything in nature has a purpose to heal. The energy surrounding us is awaiting our intentions. 

I create a variety of balms, salves, and tinctures to treat congestions, sinus headache, tension & migraine headaches, extremely dry skin, psoriasis, muscle aches, & inflammation as well as many other ailments. I also have products to help alleviate stress, aid sleep, and promote motivation. 


I also provide products and aid in spiritual cleansing and grounding. 


Candles are hand-poured with the upmost reverence, pouring our intention and well-wishes into them. Candle colors may vary.


**We can offer no medical or clinical guarantees, but we believe in the wisdom of our wise women and hope that you will too. We label all our products to the best of our ability with our ingredients. Please use with care and respect. Open your hearts and minds to endless possibilities.**

Consultation and Custom Orders are available. All products are small batch and homemade.




Unlicensed Practitioner Info

I am an Indigenous Traditional Herbalist, I have no formal education in this other than my own research and learning from my grandmothers.  

Release of Liability and Proceed at Your Own Discretion Statement:

All of our products are small-batch made in our workshop. We use safe food handling practices, stainless steel equipment, and hold ourselves to the highest of standards to keep a clean, sterile environment to produce high quality products.

All products are locally grown and sustainably harvested. No preservatives, dyes, or perfumes are added. Essential oils used are at-home distilled or ethically sourced from certified organic third parties. All other ingredients are third party verified non-gmo and organic.

All products are NOT approved or evaluated by the FDA

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

By purchasing this product, you are releasing Moon Heart Apothecary from product liability and assuming all risks and liability for your own health and well-being





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